david_von_staal (david_von_staal) wrote in codexabsolutium,

New EPs released (x-posted)

2 DANADAX EPs have been released by Intelligentmachinery.net, a netlabel that specializes in Dark Ambient, Noise, and abstract music.

The First EP is called "Trips Into Places Unknown," which can be found here. It is described as "deep, dark drone and dark ambient of a unique experimental disposition that can only be described as "soft noise". The perfect accompaniment for any subliminal odyssey in its balance of harsh sound and lush textural delivery."

The Second EP is called "Consciousness in Shifts of Decay," found here. It has been described as "A myriad of shifting layers of soft noise creating aural textures of a dark and mystic nature. The experimental duo of DANADAX deliver this discourse on decaying consciousness in a brief, but beautiful, collection of their own brand of dark ambient."

Downloads are available as lo-fi MP3s, and hi-fi MP3 downloads are just 20 cents each.

If you buy both EP's, you get a free EP from Likwid Twizter, a side project belonging to one of the members of DANADAX.

All artwork for the EPs are available at the website, and they print in high resolution.

The members of DANADAX are practitioners of Chaos Magick and use their tracks as "sound sigils."
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