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New album 777minus111 !!!!!

Finally! The new kick ass release by 777minus111 has just seen the sun.
You know some of the tracks by the live shows. The album was started in summer 2005 in the USA and finished in august 2005.  The voice used in tracks love 8bit music 1, 2, 3 belongs to Glomag. Glomag is an electronic gameboymusic musician from Manhathan, New York, USA and a good friend of 777minus111.

"I finally finished that *****n* album. It includes everything…The album is dedicated to my academic vocation (one year off). To all the people, locations and all that happened to me those months.

People: 113 & Sekir, Anton eAtMAshOrts, Bail & Zool & Nigg, Cassie, Candace, Cortney E.R., Dave & Jill & Oliver, Frederico Novi, Glomag, Harek & Marianna & the choco boyZ, Jeka, Katia, Loki, Masha, Maxim(decl-myxus), Nastia ABC, Niko, Niky & Tonny & Greg, Oldabe Sinatra, Olezha & Boria, Ozman, people from Share,  people from 1st unitarian church, people from retrospect, people from firehouse bikeshop, Scott & the pilot to gunner, S.V.Ghost, Shai, Simpson & Vania & Ania, Santa, Spanky & Kola Kid, Step2mind, Ramon, Ren & Zloi, Tom ++ & the funkshun boys, Tommy, Vera, Zaza & Katia, Zurma and everyone i might forget to mention. I defiantly forgot someone.
Locations: Moscow – New York – Philadelphia – San Francisco – Moscow – St. Petersburg - Volgograd "    777minus111

site : www.childrenofdos.com


lj : childrenofdos

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